Lower KG, Upper KG:

At Kindergarten, the child becomes a student officially. Wearing School uniform and following timetable for classroom and play activities becomes a norm. Teachers and classmates start playing an important role in the kindergarteners.

    Lower Kindergarten:

  • Learning 26 alphabets (upper and lower case)
  • Recognizing words phonetically
  • Reading common sight words
  • Familiarity with names, numbers
  • Learning and memorizing poems
  • Recognizing rhyming words
  • Following words from left to right, top to bottom, and page by page
  • Recognizing basic sight words such as I/ my / you/ is/ and/ are

    Upper Kindergarten:

  • Learn to read and write independently
  • Increasing focus and attention span
  • Learning about concepts like: senses, weather, body, etc
  • Understand and enhance communication skills
  • Explore world around them
  • Listening to stories and narrating them on their own
  • Drawing and colouring pictures

Curiosity, inquisitiveness, talkativeness, attention-seeking -Lot more behaviour traits define the kindergarten years. Freedom of playground space reduces and boundaries defining classrooms increases. We have compiled an age-appropriate program schedule for the KG students that helps them with Rhyming and word processing, basic Math counting, simple word spelling, sentence building, phonics and vocabulary. We ensure kids get familiar with basic concepts of computation, analytical thinking and communicating. They learn an array of things including - Holding the crayon or a pencil with confidence, expressing themselves with clarity, enjoying group activities and participating with enthusiasm

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