Holistic Approach

  • imageExpressions Academy offers formal classroom education.
  • icon Holistic approach in teaching that involves dynamic classroom activities, sports and games, physical training, emotional culturing, peer interactions and interactive learning.
  • imageCBSE school for girls and boys.
  • Provision of career counselling for students from other institutions too .

One To One Coaching

  • imageProvision for one-on-one coaching after school hours for needy students to ensure they keep in pace with classmates.
  • imageAcademic excellence blended with Extra-curricular learning.
  • imageOption of remedial classes to assist students in order to achieve competencies in core academic skills .
  • image Imbibe self-exploration and self-learning skills among students.

Friendly Ambience

  • image Special efforts to create ambience for confluence of mainstream students and those with mild specific learning difficulties.

Mindful Curriculum

  • image Psychological counselling offered to students based on routine assessment.
  • imageAssessments and additional support for students with specific learning challenges (catering to mild learning difficulties).
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