We believe in holistic development of students. It includes the classroom teaching and extra-curricular activities. Besides regular subjects, emphasis shall be laid on soft skills and physical fitness too. Students shall get opportunity to learn art, craft, music and sports

Remedial Classes

  • We intend to address learning gaps by re-teaching basic skills.
  • We shall focus on core areas- like reading and math (for younger students).
  • Programs for older kids may include other areas like science and social studies
  • We shall offer extra support to help students to catch up to their peers.
  • These programs are open to all students, including those with disabilities.
  • It aims to improve a skill or ability in each student.
  • It includes: Learning ‘How to learn’, understanding personal learning styles, knowing study skills, developing appropriate art of communication, building self-esteem and confidence.

How are Remedial Classes helpful?

  • Remedial classes are different from Special Education courses.
  • In a typical remedial class, students are supported by Teachers to revisit the class and ample time and space is given to students to relearn.
  • The most effective programs are taught by teachers who have special training
  • They tend to have fewer students than a regular classroom. This can help them give each student more attention and support.
  • These programs tend to be most helpful to students with gaps in their learning because of frequent absences or trouble with focus.
  • Some students may not make a lot of progress in remedial programs. This could be a sign of a learning disability.
  • Students with disabilities may need more specialized instruction to thrive in school.

Extra-curricular Activities (Arts / Crafts / Music)

At Expressions academy, we understand that each child is different and unique.

Some children have special artistic qualities and flair for crafts. So, besides academic curriculum, our programs are inclusive of arts and crafts. We have also included Music as a part of our subjects. Children can choose any of these options. We believe that arts, crafts and music help young children explore and express their emotions. Through work of art, they can sometimes share how they relate to their family and friends, express their future dreams and aspirations, even if they have not yet developed a full vocabulary to do so. It also develops courage and a healthy self-esteem.

Sports (Indoor and Outdoor games)

“Healthy mind resides in a healthy body.”

We have considered this aspect as one of core objectives. So ample time and space for our students to indulge in sports and games is an integral part of our school program. Physical training is an important aspect of academic learning. We believe participation in school sports increases confidence, mental alertness, and self-esteem. It reduces stress and anxiety. It teaches various skills like leadership, patience, team efforts and social skills.

Library Time

“Libraries are essential Spaces in giving students right access to knowledge. In digital times they are needed more than ever before.”

We have provided ample space and facility so that the students can read, borrow or refer books. A wide range of books include fiction, non-fiction, encyclopaedias and reference material. Our Library facility has books which can be used by students to prepare for competitive exams like IIT, JEEE and NEET.

Apart from school hours, the library shall be open for all students in evenings too. Those students preparing for competitive exams can use the library facility in the evenings. This applies for students from other schools too.

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