At Expressions Academy, we have chalked out a holistic program with quality education for mainstream students as well as special support for learners with mild specific learning challenges. We intend to create an inclusive ambience for students with various needs: Academics, Sports, Arts, Specific Learning Difficulties, Career Counselling and Psychological Counselling.

As the name suggests, Expressions Academy is here to help young learners in self-expression. It is a CBSE-affiliated school based in Bangalore that follows the NCERT curriculum for the syllabus. Established in 2021, our Education Institution has been envisaged to play the role of a catalyst that can help children to identify their true identity and express their innate potential. We have envisioned a learning space for students where knowledge-based learning is the core essence.We intend to support students to explore their own strengths, expand their horizons of learning skills and push their boundaries to walk the extra mile in life. We have laid the foundation and set the direction for our philosophy to transform into reality.

Our Vision

We envision to become catalysts in enhancing potential in each student and help them radiate their true Expressions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise an Educational Institution where a safe, respectful and nurturing environment is created that focuses on maximizing each child’s sense of wellbeing and acquisition of skills for life and learning.

Our Aim

Our aim is to develop empowered, confident and responsible individuals who can become a value addition to society, and in turn contribute in nation building.

Our Moto

We intend to provide an ideal learning environment for holistic development of students, with a confluence of space to accommodate mainstream learners and those with mild specific learning difficulties

Our Philosophy

Every individual has inborn unique qualities and innate characteristics. With the right education, encouragement and empowerment, their potential can be channelised into their highest forms of Self- Expression. Likewise, every child’s mind is like fertile soil. Seeds of knowledge nurtured with learning skills, art of communication and zeal for self-exploration can bloom into unique individual Expression.

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