Career Counselling

Today’s era where we all have multiple options in every aspect of our life, choosing the right thing can actually become challenging. When it comes to choosing the right career, it is all the more crucial, because life's future course depends on what option is chosen. With technology and social media at finger tips, awareness regarding various career streams is handy, but this increases the confusion and anxiety too. That is the reason we have specially created the option of career counselling for students who need guidance.

This is available for students from other institutions too. We have experts and career counsellors, who shall help students in understanding what could be right for them. Based on assessments and aptitude tests, students will be given able guidance

Psychological Counselling

Main aim of psychological counselling for students is to offer them support in managing emotional conflicts and personal problems. We have experienced counsellors on board with our team who address specific problems in students which hinder their academic, personal and emotional progress.

They also are an important part of the complete team that addresses the educational goals and needs of our students. They can help plan classroom and group activities that meet the students’ needs. Counsellors gather and share resources with teachers to help the staff develop their skills in classroom management and teaching effectiveness.

One of the recent changes in the school counsellor’s role is to help students who are victims of bullying. Cyber bullying is a major threat to students even among younger age groups. Modern day use of technology for communication and education has made kids more vulnerable than ever before. Our counsellors understand this challenge and shall ensure to play a proactive role in guiding and supporting students.

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